Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Back Again

We're back in Michigan. 

I don't remember if I had said this on the blog, but I had thought about staying the rest of the week with daughter and travelling back with them this weekend as they daughter and son-in-law are supposed to be coming for Christmas. I say supposed to be as there is (apparently) a BIG storm headed our way this weekend (just in time for Christmas, of course) so now we are just waiting to see whether they will be able to make it or not. So, I thought it was probably better if I came back with husband. I brought daughter's gifts to others with me just in case they can't make it. I suppose we shall have to wait and see what Mother Nature decides. 

Anyway, we had a lovely weekend away. The drive there was long and a bit snowy, but we made it without incident in good time. It was really cold though. -2f/-19c one morning. Brrr.... it's supposed to get colder still this week. You really can't be outside long before things just get too cold. I was bundled up but my face got really cold. I think chapped lips must be a constant thing in Minnesota!

It really was beautiful out though. It had snowed the day before and, because of the cold, all the snow was still sticking to the trees. It really did look magical. I wish I could have taken more time to explore, but we were there to spend time with daughter. We had a lovely day on Saturday with her and her husband's family (they did their Christmas that day). Lots of lovely company and food. On Sunday daughter and I went shopping for a bit and a really quick walk (she stayed in the car lol). In the evening we all went to some Christmas Lights in the park but it was so cold we all walked round really, really quickly! I don't think we've been that speedy before!

I took them with my phone even then it was cold to get my fingers out! 

After we got back, daughter and I had some wine and did some legos together. It's the thing we usually try to do when we get together. It was really fun - and my smile for the day even though there were lots of smiles that day

Day 352 (Sunday) 

It was really quite complicated to do! 

I missed posting Day 349 (Thursday) 

Making cookies to take to daughter's. She loves these ones and had requested I make them for the party on Saturday. These are a few of them. 

Day 351 (Saturday)

It was a great day with the party and I honestly didn't take a lot of photos. I just wanted to enjoy the moments together. 

I think that, by the end of the day, we all felt happily content rather like Sasha, one of daughter and son-in-law's huskies. 

And yesterday, Day 353 - wow we are really that close to the end of the year!

A snowy snowscape as we drove by. Thankful the roads were clear and we had a safe drive home. It really is such a long way - over 600 miles! The snow was so pretty on the trees as it was so cold it was still there days later. 

I have blogs to catch up on. I am writing this early in the morning, before my walk, so I don't forget or get too tired! 

If you've read this far, thank you! I do appreciate all who read and take time to comment. I will be replying to those comments today. I'm really not sure the best way to do that, reply to the actual comment or post a comment in the blog (which is easier to read? - that's me wondering)

Anyway, enough rambling. To end a photo of daughter and me. I hate having my photo taken, but I've come to realise how important that can be so we try to get at least one together each visit. This was a really quick one as it was so cold! 


  1. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I hope your daughter is able to make it home next weekend!

    1. We had a lovely time. Unfortunately, daughter won't be here for Christmas due to the bad weather. It's not worth risking it to drive that far. Sigh. It won't be until March that I see her again.


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