Thursday, December 29, 2022

Looking Forward

It's almost the end of another week and almost the end of another year. As the year draws to a close, I've been thinking about next year, the projects I want to do and things I'd like to accomplish. I didn't choose a word of the year for this year, and I wasn't going to choose one for next year either. Then, as I was lying in bed unable to sleep, I got to thinking about what I'd like to be able to do next year. All roads led back to Creativity. I have missed being creative. I haven't cross stitched or really done a lot of crafting and my photography has stalled a little. I want to bring joy back to the things I used to enjoy doing. So next year I am going to try to be more creative. It's not a lofty goal or world-changing, just something I'd like to try to weave through my life. I still haven't decided on specific projects, but it's a start. 

I don't make yearly resolutions. Personally, I find them too lofty and the first time I fall I give up as it seems like a failure. I am going to make monthly goals to try to get things done. For January it will be about continuing to sort through the craft room, clean out a couple of problem areas and restart the donation box. I am seriously considering sorting through the DVD collection. Now that there are streaming services, we rarely watch them anymore and they are, frankly, just gathering dust. January will also be about jumping back on the meal planning wagon. I have fell off it since early December and I miss it. When I have a basic meal plan, I know exactly where I am and don't think most of the day about what's for dinner and, more importantly, I go to the shops less and therefore spend less money. 

Do you have goals/aspirations for 2023? Do you make resolutions? Choose a word of the year? 

Day 363

Not the greatest photo, but it was so peaceful at Asylum Lake this morning. I am almost at the end of my year documenting Asylum Lake (nowhere near finished putting the project together) and almost at the end of the Photo-a-Day - Phone Photos Things That Make Me Smile. Can't believe I've almost completed it. See, I can stick to something lol


  1. I like your goals for January and I like "Creativity" as a word of the year or even a goal or resolution! I do make resolutions and I incorporate those resolutions into my monthly balanced life goals. I also have been choosing a word of the year for the past 3 or 4 years. 2022's word was "Resilient". I haven't thought of a word for 2023. It's getting to be that time of the year to start thinking about plans for the new year, isn't it?

  2. I always enjoy your photos. So different to Suffolk and somewhere I'll never get to see for myself

  3. I'm not sure about OLW this year. I can't find a word that resonates with what I want to achieve so plan to start the year without one and wait to see if one makes itself known. Creativity sounds like a good word for you and I do hope you are able to reintroduce creativity back into your life in a way that is right for you.

    Congratulations on your year of photos that make you smile and the Asylum Lake ones. x

  4. I'm not picking a word either. I have decided to document the things I want to set Free in '23. Like not making one - January is resolution free in '23. I want to do a monthly post about what I was able to let go of. I will miss your daily photos.

  5. I'm the same with 'resolutions'. I prefer little challenges and 'this month I would like to . . . ' rather than 'must' or 'should'. They have different vibes!

    I never heard of 'word of the year' until I started reading people's blogs. I think mine is always the same really.


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