Saturday, March 18, 2017

Snow has given way to rain and wind this morning. It's a constant drizzle. Not a pleasant day to go for a walk. We were hoping to get in a small one this morning and a longer one tomorrow. Not nice weather at all.

We did take an hour drive to South Haven Lighthouse. We thought maybe a little walk along the beach. Not. The wind was bitterly cold and the drizzle was relentless and quite harsh combined with the wind.

At least someone was enjoying the weather! Brave soul. The water must have been freezing!

We couldn't walk along the walkway to the lighthouse as the waves were washing over it. I almost didn't wear my long undies, but was really, really glad I did! By the end of our short time on the beach my fingers were so cold I could barely press the button on my camera. Some of the photos ended up really misty looking as the drizzle was on my camera. 

They are forecasting sun for tomorrow and a little warmer so we'll be heading off first thing in the morning. Hopefully some brighter photos tomorrow!

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  1. Brr! Cold and wet! You really are a brave soul! I'd have refused to get out of the car! Hope the weather turns nice, soon.


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