Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dreary Saturday

It was a really beautiful day yesterday, too good to last. I did make the most of it and went for a little walk.

Today was just the opposite - rainy and dreary. Certainly not a day to get out and about. I stayed inside, did a little crafting and Skyped Mum. It's Mother's Day tomorrow and always miss her more on such days. She received my card and bookmark. I've arranged for some flowers to be sent to my sister's house tomorrow where Mum will be spending the day. Hope she likes them!

I did get some things done on my to-do-this-year list. I framed a couple of cross stitch items and I framed a print I ordered from a photo I took a few weeks ago.

Two pieces framed - dozens to go lol.

I've also been busy knitting. I did another cable and am working on a hat. It will be my first hat. I picked really cheap yarn this first time in case I mess it up too much. It is actually black though it looks dark blue. I took the photos with my phone so not the greatest!

They forecast rain for tomorrow so maybe no walk this week. Sniff. Sniff. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all those who celebrate tomorrow.


  1. Sorry to read that it was a rainy, dreary day. A good day to stay home and do some crafts. Glad you got to Skype with your Mum. Hope you have a good day, tomorrow. Stay warm and dry.

  2. You did keep busy.
    Must admit I do prefer a day when I can snuggle up inside and do crafty things....but the sun has been a nice start to drying out the garden-x-


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