Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cold Sunday Walk's a cold one today -2C and it is currently almost three in the afternoon. It was a lot colder this morning but we bundled up and went for a walk anyway. My foot has been bothering me a bit all week so we decided to walk somewhere relatively flat so we headed off to a county park my friend had told me about.

There wasn't a lot to photograph - no ice or snow, nothing growing. I did end up seeing a couple of interesting looking trees. I think I've been on Facebook too much as I am seeing faces in the trees. I can almost imagine them coming alive and having a conversation.

Can you see the face with the eye, nose and mouth?

Here's another.

Heard some knocking up in the trees - a sign of the woodpecker.

Could see evidence of them about.

I imagine this walkway will be quite beautiful in the summer when the trees are thick with growth.

Only splashes of colour around.

With a promise of more to come!


  1. You deserve a medal for venturing out when it is so cold! I am always seeing faces in trees and other places! I was able to see the faces in your trees, too! :) Yes, the color is there, but you really have to seek them out, don't you? But give it a few more weeks and it will be everywhere, out for all to see. Hope you foot is OK.

    1. We've been trying to walk every Sunday even if it is cold. We have seen a lot of beauty this winter - which was my goal - but now it's just getting dull. Hopefully in a few weeks there will be colour bursting everywhere. I want to take some flower photos!

  2. We had bad weather too and I was running out of outside pictures. Today it's sunny, so I should photo hunt !


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