Saturday, March 4, 2017

Books - decluttering

I love books. All kinds of books. Hardback, paperback, mystery, romance, fantasy, non-fiction. There aren't many genres of books that I don't like. The problem is that I have too many books. I have a kindle - more than one - loaded with hundreds of books (freebies and low cost mostly) but I can't seem to bring myself to stop collecting physical books. There is nothing I like more than poking around a used bookshop to find a particular bargain to transport me into a different world. I would much rather spend the time in a bookshop than shopping for anything else. When I'm feeling a little down books seem to be the things I turn towards.

Unfortunately I don't live in a stately mansion with too many rooms so I can't devote a whole room to being a library. I do have books everywhere - bookshelves up and downstairs, beside my chair, in my bag and even in the storage cubes supposed to be storing other things. My hubby is a dear about it. He never complains that I'm bringing too many home or that I have too many.

I have too many. Sigh. Can't believe I said that. Giving up books is like giving up a good friend. There are some I won't give up, those I return to time after time, but I have decided to give up some.

Today I have sorted two boxes to be donated to the library bookshop. They raise money for different programs at the library that helped my son through a particularly difficult time when he was a teen.

I can't be the only one who finds it tough to sort things out. What do you find most difficult to sort through and give up?


  1. Well done on the decluttering! Donating to a good cause helps ease the pain of giving items away, I think. I, too, have a hard time decluttering books! I've done it from time to time, but still find it hard. Other things I have a hard time parting with are sentimental stuff and souvenirs and my collection of blue and white china.

  2. Well, my husband is just like you! He has tons of books gathering dust in the house but don't want to get rid of one. I read a lot but am not so detached to them. I use the library a lot and don't have any difficulties in donating MY books. But the hubby - omg!

  3. I recently did a HUGE decluttering of books. I don't know how many boxes I packed up but it took 2 trips to the library for their annual winter sale. And it was hard letting go but I needed to do it. I let go of the books that were no longer serving me to make room for new.


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