Friday, March 17, 2017

Random Week

This is the last Friday that Five on Friday will be held over at Amy's blog Love Made my Home. I want to say thanks to Amy for hosting this each week and I'll look forward to joining up with the new hosts - Tricky and Carly -  over at Family Attempting to Survive the Times. I stumbled upon Amy's blog sometime last year and I've really enjoyed reading all her posts. She's one of the people who inspired  me to take up something new - knitting and the one who got me hooked on Youtube podcasts when I started watching her.  It's been a really tough year for her. I wish her well and hope she continues to blog.

This week I'm just sharing random things from my week. Nothing too excited - hence the name of my blog.

Its back! Cold and snow. Sigh. We weren't dumped upon but enough to be a pain. It's been a really cold week too. Still waiting for Spring.

Still working on getting through the freezer and food in the cupboards. Leftover mince and some veggies I had in the freezer made a nice Cottage Pie. It's always good for the guys to have something warm at the end of a hard day's work - especially when son is working outside all day! It's been a week of hot dinners - spaghetti, fish tacos, veggie casserole, pork chops. The freezer is looking emptier but there is still plenty to use before buying more. I don't want to throw anything out!

Hubby and I have been watching Lie to Me on Netflix. I love this show. It's really interesting. I can tell when some people are lying but I think it would be great to know the tells.

On Sunday, before the snow came, we did take a nice walk at a local park. The sun was shining brightly but it was bitterly cold - another day to wear the long undies as we walked. My treadmill broke this week - sniff, sniff. I didn't spend a lot on it as I bought it at a garage sale but I have used it a lot in the winter when it is just too cold or the roads are too snowy/icy to walk on. I can only hope it gets warmer quickly so I can walk outside.

Friday is St. Patrick's Day. It's a really big holiday here in the US. Even non-Irish people celebrate. I think it's mainly an excuse to eat and drink lots. There are also lots of parades. Daughter took part in one last weekend with her lovely dog, Shasta. Apparently Shasta loved all the attention. She sits so nicely when people pet her and seems to think everyone should like her. Sadly, some people are scared of her as they think she resembles a wolf.

Daughter says Shasta wore herself out.

Tomorrow is also my sister's birthday. I'll be thinking of her. I only see her a few times a year during the weeks I am home in Ipswich visiting Mum. Both my sisters still live in Ipswich. I'll raise a glass to her!

Hope everyone had a good week. Thanks for the comments. I read them all and really appreciate them.


  1. Snow and long undies... I can so relate to your week, and we can now dream of spring together. :)
    Shasta looks wonderfully cute. Have a sunny weekend! xx

  2. I so feel for you - it's cold and grey & snowing here too - sigh. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. Hello Sharon:

    Nice photo of your daughter. Hope she is happy at her new job.

    Any change of you sharing your veggie casserole?


    1. Hello Sandy! I have to admit I just cook a bunch of veggies and make a really cheesy sauce, add some crunch on top (if I have it) and voila! I used to make the white sauce with half milk and half vegetable oxo but I can't find them here. It's a great way to use up veggies - other than soup

  4. Hope your snow clears soon. Comforting warm food does seen to help with the cold weather. Shasta does look warn out after her St Patrick's Day celebrations. Have a lovely weekend:)

  5. I'm shivering at the thought of more snow but then you warmed me up nicely with a plate of your delicious looking cottage pie!
    I love that sweet photo of your daughter & her dog!
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Love the St. Paddy's costumes with your daughter and pet!!
    And cottage, I must be honest...never heard of this, but definitely will look it up on Google and maybe try making it.

  7. Oooooh....looking out at a snowy scene while eating cottage that is my idea of bliss.
    Isn't Shasta just gorgeous? Such a lovely little face.
    Stella seems to have arrived here but we have wind and rain although I think we did see a little snow on the way home from Birmingham today-x-

  8. Sorry you are still experiencing snow and cold. Spring takes a long time to arrive in that area, doesn't it? Love the picture of your daughter and Shasta all dressed in green!

  9. Snow again! Sorry! This week summer will be making a return (ugh) .... highs in the 80s with high humidity. We had one freeze this winter and very little spring. I'm not looking forward to summer!Glad you got a walk in and Shasta is cute -- your daughter, too! Happy Friday!

  10. Oh dear not more snow, will it ever go away? I haven't heard much about St Patrick's day today over here, funny isn't it. Have fun.

  11. I know you must be tired of snow, but your tree looks lovely all dressed in white.

    I've never seen a wolf with a dear sweet face like Shasta's. I'd love to pet her.

  12. Shanta looks lovely and so friendly. Good on you for eating out of the freezer, I need to do the same. Hope the weather warms up for you soon. B x

  13. Oh I do feel for you with more snow and hope it melts quickly and your days grow warmer. Shasta looks very proud and happy in her St Patrick's neckerchief.

  14. Your daughter is beautiful! And so is Shasta. Our German Shepherd got the same reaction from people because of his size and I think because of how they are portrayed in movies. It is sad, because I'm sure that Shasta is very sweet, and so was Bridger. Thank you for stopping in at CranberryMorning and your kind words about Tuppence.

  15. Hope the warmth comes back soon! It's always nicer to walk out in the fresh air, isn't it? ;)

    Your daughter and her poochie are so beautiful!! Happy bday to your Sis. And blessings on the rest of your weekend. xoxo

  16. How terrible it must have been to see the snow coming back in March !! Here it's cold but not freezing and it rains ! I really long for spring ! I haven't seen anything about St. Patrick's day, in Belgium, except in English shops !

  17. I think Shasta is absolutely gorgeous, She should know that only the very best dogs resemble wolves :)

  18. The picture of your daughter and her dog is so beautiful, they both look so happy!

  19. I feel the exact same about the snow. I'm so tired of being cold. Even when I bundle up I'm still cold. Luckily, yesterday was warmer so I got a hint of spring-like weather. Shasta is a beautiful dog!



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