Monday, March 20, 2017

Peek-a-boo - Raccoon (Sunday Walk pt 2)

There's a lighthouse not too far from Saugatuck State Park. It's actually in another State Park though Holland State Park is mainly just a really big beach and the lighthouse. In summer it's really, really busy. There were actually quite a few people about on Sunday. I think we're all tired of the cold and cloudy days and when temperatures get up a little we all hurry out.

There was still a little bit of ice on the walkway

There were a few people out fishing

As we were walking along the walkway hubby spotted a little fellow sleeping between the rocks and the walkway pretty close to the water but not in it.

He poked his head up and around the corner

Isn't he really cute? I've never seen a raccoon up close before.

It didn't seem bothered by us. He took a little look at us and then curled up and went back to sleep.


  1. I want a racoon!!!
    Isn't he just gorgeous?
    That lighthouse is is my most favourite

  2. What a pretty lighthouse! Raccoons are the cutest, aren't they? I once had a Mama and 4 little babies spend the summer here. It was so cute to watch the little ones. Looks like it is warming up a bit there! Happy spring! Thank you for your kind visits :) xx Karen

  3. Oh he is cute isn't he, such a good picture of him too xx

  4. The raccoon is so cute but they will tear up a beehive! They can be ornery. I can't wait to get outside. I need to walk. I told a friend next winter I'm joining a gym, but just for the winter.


  5. Oh what a cutie! I want one as a pet - though Oreo may not be happy about that LOL! Great captures!


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