Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Walk

This seems to be a regular occurrence lately - another Sunday another walk. This one wasn't by the lakeshore but at one of the many beautiful state parks in Michigan. We went to this one last year with daughter and her dog, Shasta. This time it was just hubby and myself. The day was bright but still quite chilly when we started out. My foot was hurting a little - I had surgery on my ankle after spraining it a few years ago and it just hasn't been 'right' since - but didn't seem too bad. On the walk I did fine - up and down hills. Got home and OUCH! It is killing me. I am okay if I don't bend it. If I bend it pain shoots along my foot. Painful.

Anyway enough whinging. Hopefully it's just a pulled muscle or something. It doesn't hurt where I usually have the pain.

Here are a few of the photos I took today. I am wishing it was a little sunnier and that things were actually growing! I am so jealous of the photos I am seeing in places where spring is abound and everything is blooming and colourful.

There was still a little ice left around the edges of the water - not much though!

I like looking for those odd little patterns where the ice has melted as temperatures warm and then frozen again when they dip down.

This is also the place where we saw the cairns - funny little rock formations that people place a rock upon to let you know they have travelled through. We've seen them a lot up in Mackinac Island but unusual to see in the woods in rural Michigan!

We decided to leave well alone and not put a stone on this one! It was so delicately balanced.

I liked this little heart-shaped cut out in the trunk of a tree. Can you imagine a little door here to a house where a magical woodland creature might live?

A beautiful walk but the only things I saw growing was this fungus and (?) not quite sure what the other is!

Thanks for coming along on our walk!


  1. I hope your foot is OK. Maybe ice it? Thank you for sharing the photos and enabling us to virtually walk with you! I liked seeing those rocks balanced one on top of another! Give it another couple of weeks and I'm sure you'll find more signs of spring! Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.

  2. I enjoyed the walk as well. I hope your foot comes right without to much bother. Have a lovely, pain free week.


  3. That was a lovely walk....thanks for sharing it.
    Hugs for your poorly foot-x-


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