Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday outing

No walk as such today. It was raining all of yesterday and still raining when we got up this morning. Rather than sit in the house hubby and I decided we'd take a drive. We bought a Sat Nav/GPS yesterday for the car so hubby wanted to try it out. We've been using our phones for navigation but they don't always work when we're close to the lake shore.

Not too many photos to share today. We visited a couple of lighthouses, but with the weather as bad as it was we only popped out of the car for a few minutes - as long as we could stand without getting drenched - before hopping back inside again.

We couldn't get very close at all today. The pier (walkway) was closed and blocked off. They are trying to save it so doing renovations. I can't say I'm surprised. Last year when we went there were holes right through the concrete into the lake below!

This is a photo from last year. As you can see they have pulled down all of the metal work. It is supposed to be closed for the rest of the year.

The beaches still have their winter protection up. Lots and lots of fences to help stop drifting sand. They have to take these out and clear up the drifted sand a little before the summer season starts.

By the lake it seemed kind of desolate, but in a few months the beach will be packed with people playing in the lake and soaking up the sun.

We also stopped at another park, but by this time the rain was steady and definitely set in for the day. We hadn't been there before so thought that, as it was nearby, we'd see if it was worth planning a day trip to do some trails. A definite yes!

Looks beautiful but we didn't even make it down to the beach! Just popping out of the car was getting us drenched. Hopefully we'll revisit next week if it is dry.

Even though it was raining I'm glad we got out. It's great to be able to do these mini-trips together after so many years of me working on Sundays. It saved me sitting home moping because I'm missing Mum on Mother's Day.

And on that note I'd like to wish a lovely mother's day to all Mums and to all those important women in our lives.

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  1. A refreshing little trip, even in the drenching rain. It's nice to get out and about.



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