Halfway Through the Week

 Well, it's Wednesday and we were back at Jane's again. I couldn't seem to get moving this morning, so didn't get to my walk early and then I got distracted. I hadn't seen a lot around the park so I decided to head back to the car. Walking along the path I saw a bunch of robins, then some nuthatches, woodpeckers (three varieties!) and finches (two varieties!).  It always seems to happen when I have to be somewhere! I took a few photos and headed off to pick up MIL.

Today we sorted twenty-two - yes 22 - plastic tubs/totes clothes! This is hopefully the last of the clothes. We have already sorted (and donated) approximately 20 black rubbish bags of clothes. Who knew one person could own so many? I don't think I even have a fraction of that amount of clothes. They date back several years and are in several sizes. I am hopeful that someone else will get plenty of use out of them. 

I was hoping tomorrow to go and photograph a sunrise but we have had some snow and if the roads aren't the greatest in the morning I shan't be going far. Sigh. I'm going to get up and then see. I'm supposed to walk with my walking friend too. I hate to cancel. Although I enjoy walking with her I like going by myself to for the very reason that if I am running late, don't feel like going or want to try somewhere else, I have no-one to please buy myself. She'll probably think I'm a chicken for not wanting to drive in the snow. 

Positive things for the day :-

* I got eight books sorted for the donation pile. Not as many as I hoped but after Jane's I was tired. I         really didn't feel like rummaging around in anything else so picked some easily at hand. 

* I managed to get some photos done on my project! I am doing a year long project and want to keep         on track. 

* I got up in the craft room and put together some 3d toppers from a set by Craft Consortium called In       the Forest

Phone Photo Things That Make Me Smile

19/365 Sometimes it's just the little things that make me smile. Chocolate. Chocolate always makes me smile!


  1. I wouldn't want to drive much in snow either.
    You're doing brilliantly at sorting out Jane's things. It's not easy!

  2. Chocolate is always good. I don't think that there are that many clothes in this house! You must have been exhausted getting home so utter respect at still decluttering. You are sticking to loads of things, even though it is tough, so I am impressed. Those toppers look cute

  3. That is a lot of clothes for one person! Well done for getting it all packed up ready for donating. Do you feel like you're over half way in clearing Jane's home or is there still a lot to do before you can say that? Well done also for your own achievements at home, not easy when you are tired from clearing at Jane's.

  4. A Cadbury caramel is definitely worth a smile. :)

  5. I discovered them in our local Walmart a few months ago. The closest thing to English chocolates I have ever found here in the US.

  6. Chocolate must be universally known as a feel good thing to eat. I don't mind the odd piece or ten. x

  7. Ah, chocolate! Especially when it is Cadbury's! :) Sounds like you had a busy day at Jane's. Hope today has been a good day. Were you able to go for your walk?

  8. Robins! Yay! Early spring! 22 bins that's a day's work for sure. Good job sorting even when you were tired. I like the cards as well. Chocolate....always makes me happy too! Have a great weekend.


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