Monday, March 11, 2024

Agh - Weekend and Week Ahead

My blog is being funny again. I can't keep signed in again so haven't commented on blogs until I can get it sorted. I don't know why it does this sometimes. I'm hoping it will at least allow me to post!

My first weekend back in Michigan and the weather was horrible. I really wanted to visit the lakeshore as I have really missed it and haven't been for - gasp! - three months. It was so cold! And windy! And there was snow/ice. Ugh. I did get out and walk anyway. Just for a tiny bit. Husband, being the sensible one, sat in the car 'keeping it warm'. I froze my fingers off. I was glad I had dressed in my long underwear, two pairs of gloves and hand warmers. Today was just as different! It's been sunny and warm. Sigh. Don't know why that couldn't happen on the weekend!

Here are a couple of phone photos from the walk yesterday

My Phone Photos Things That Make Me Smile (from yesterday 70/366)

I did not walk out on the pier. The wind and snow/ice was pelting my face and the water from the lake was blowing sideways. There was only one brave fisherman out there and even he ended up coming back!

I have got back to writing lists again. I need to get things done. I did well today, managing to get everything done and even a couple of extras! I like seeing things written down. I think it helps keep me on track. I just need to make sure that I write the list each day. Do you write lists? Do they keep you on track? 

There are so many things I need to get done around the house. If I think about it as a whole I can feel myself becoming overwhelmed. I'm trying to take it one chunk at a time and keep working through it. Hopefully progress will be made!


  1. Beautiful photos but how bleak it all looks. Brrrrr. I should stop moaning about our slightly chilly breeze, shouldn't I?
    One thing at a time - just one - and you soon notice the difference.
    Yes, I love lists - I have no idea how I'd get much done without my lists! You are not alone! :-)

    1. It was really cold. Just as different the last couple of days. I'm plodding forward and hoping that soon I can notice a change!

  2. My husband is a great list writer. We came across one the other day that he wrote years ago and most of the items on it are still relevant. One or two have been completed.
    Approaching a big task is daunting, but biting away at it little by little makes it much more manageable.

    1. My husband makes lists for everything. If he has to pick up more than two items from the shop he makes a list. I do find them helpful but tend to forget to make them. I just need to get into a routine. I think concentrating on the little bits will add up.

  3. Sorry you are having blog issues and the weather didn't cooperate with you on the weekend! But, glad you were able to go for even a short walk. :) I like to make lists, although, they tend to be too long, at times! I need to stick to 5 or so doable things per day! Baby steps is the way to go when getting things done. :)

    1. The last couple of days have been nice thankfully. I think you're right about the baby steps. I'm hoping they will all add up!


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