Monday, March 18, 2024

Snow to Start the Week

Spring? What Spring? 

I think Mother Nature decided we needed another little burst of winter just to remind us that, although it's been rather mild this winter, there is still some cold to come! Yesterday on our Sunday adventure it was really windy and cold and well, there was either ice or snow blowing in our faces as we stood on the lakeshore when we stopped in Michigan City, Indiana lol. This morning when I went for my walk it was snowing and cold. It's been like that most of the day. Sigh. 

Yesterday we had thought about going to watch the herons nesting at a faraway Metropark, but the weather didn't look great, so we decided to take another (sort of) longish drive down the coast of Michigan over into Indiana, through Michigan City (stopping at the lighthouses there) and going to the Indiana Dunes National Park to renew our National Park Pass. The other year when we stopped at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park we were getting ready to pay and the man on the gate asked if we were certain things (you know students, oaps etc). He got to veteran and my husband says yes and he lets us know that we can get a free membership to the National Parks. At the time it was just for a year but they were bringing out a lifetime one so we could upgrade when it was available. 

There aren't that many National Parks near us but we do stop at Sleeping Bear Dunes once in a while and up at Pictured Rocks, so we thought we'd go to the one closest to us and get husband's lifetime membership. We've been down to Indiana Dunes National Park a few times. There are quite a few trails there to walk and a lovely homestead to see. 

We found a trail at the back of the property but didn't walk that one as we had plans to walk another. We've added it to our to-walk list lol. We saw a lovey pileated woodpecker drumming against a dead tree making a really loud noise, some bluebirds and robins flitting around. There were actually quite a few birds about. 

These are a few I caught while using my Merlin App. It's a great way to identify bird songs and is available everywhere, I think. My sister downloaded it to her phone and tells me what birds she hears while out walking at her local parks. 

I think I'll leave the lighthouse and beach visit photos until tomorrow.  It will give me something to talk about lol. 

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 77/366

A few little flowers peeking through the leaves! Made me smile. Despite the cold and windy weather, spring is around the corner!


Snow in the woods, but I think - maybe - just maybe - the daffodils will survive. It can only get warmer. Right? 

Is it Spring or still Winter where you are? 


  1. Lovely photos! I especially liked the one of the snowy woods with the spring flowering daffodils pushing through! Impressive looking homestead, too!

    1. I love how resilient the daffodils are. They will hopefully spring back - they usually do!

  2. Suffolk forecast = milder for a few days, some sun, less rain but turning colder by the weekend.
    Thankfully no snow forecast!!

    The house looks as if bits have been added at random - very curious

    1. Hopefully they'll be some sunshine for you at least!
      The little cabins were added on for family members apparently. I'm hoping, at some point, they will be open and we can go have a look around inside. It must have been really nice to live there with the view in the summer but I imagine that in winters past it would have been really snowy and cold and lonely!

  3. Winter is reluctant to let go where you are, I think. It certainly looks cold!

    1. It's been really cold lately. Tonight is supposed to be a record low! Brrr...

  4. Brrr, that looks cold. I keep reminding myself that it's only March and there's still plenty of time for snow.


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