Friday, March 29, 2024


I was out early for a walk this morning. I managed to find my way back to the parking area husband and I had visited yesterday. The parking places were a little confusing, but I managed to end up parking okay. I had a nice walk. It was quite quiet for a while. It was also quite chilly! I wanted to make the most of it as it's supposed to rain/snow for days. Perhaps the weather forecasters will be wrong. 

After the walk I went to the shops and did a small food shop. It really wasn't that busy, but I think it was still early. Later, in the afternoon, I 'chatted' with sister for a while. It was really nice. Thankfully, the clocks in England go forward this weekend and I'll be back to normal with the time we usually chat at. I've been really confused the last few weeks lol. 

Day 89/366

Making the most of the sunset view. 

A few more phone photos from my walk this morning

Do you have plans for the weekend? 

Tomorrow husband and I have midday eye appointments. I almost broke my glasses the other day so I thought I should probably update my prescription. It's supposed to rain so I don't think a walk is in the cards!


  1. I can almost smell the clean, sharp air in your photographs and I love seeing reflections on water.
    Happy Easter, Sharon.

    1. Hope you had a lovely Easter! It's a beautiful place to walk.

  2. Such lovely pictures! Glad you were able to find your way to the new parking spot and enjoyed a nice walk.
    Hope your eye appointment goes well.
    No plans for the weekend. We are just relaxing at home. :)

  3. When I look at those pictures, one word comes to mind, peaceful.

    1. It's really peaceful when I walk first thing in the morning. It can get quite busy at the weekends.


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