Tuesday, March 12, 2024


It was lovely out again today. I got out and early and took a walk. Not too long, but it was nice and quiet so I made the most of it. The beavers were out today and one swam around watching me as I sat on the shore watching it. 

You'll be pleased to know that I got everything done on my list. There wasn't a lot on there, but it kept me busy, helped me not dwell on something I was sort of dreading. 

At the end of last year I went to a meeting about the place I walk, Asylum Lake. I then got an email asking me if I was interested in being on the board of the association. I hate new things. I'm not really a fan of people and meeting new people makes me really anxious. But I decided to jump in and said yes. Today was my first meeting. Rather daunting and I spent most of the day anxious. Not dentist anxious, but I couldn't stop thinking about it! I had to drive to an unfamiliar place (I had planned out my route in advance), meet new people, drive back in the dark (something I also hate). It went...ok. As I said to my daughter later, I felt a little daunted. We introduced ourselves and everyone else was going on about what they do for work, their degrees and such and me? I just told them I liked walking there, it was good for my mental health, and I liked taking photos of the things I saw there. There was one woman there who seemed to be good at everything and very confident in herself. Daughter told me I had a different perspective and that the group needed diversity, not just degrees. BTW I do have a college degree, but it was years and years ago and I did nothing with it. 

Baby A had her first vaccinations today. Poor thing. Daughter said she was smiling at everybody before them, not so much afterwards. She's feeling achy and pretty grumpy. I'm hoping it will just last a day or so. 

Tomorrow looks to be the last of the good weather so another walk. I have a list to make before I go to bed. More tidying and a bit more sorting hopefully. 

71/366 Things That Make Me Smile 

From behind the beavers' lodge. Wonder how long that tree will last! 


My oldest son surprised me with a just-because present. It's a bird feeder with a camera! What a lovely surprise! I'm looking forward to finding the perfect spot in the garden for it. The camera is powered by a solar panel. 


  1. Well done for embracing something new - I'm not good at that, either. People can be very daunting, but usually not as confident as they appear, once you get to know them. It will be good to have some input and 'latest news' about a place you love so much.
    What a lovely gift from your son - very thoughtful.

    1. People just make me nervous lol. I was pleasantly surprised by the gift. Once in a while my 'kids' really surprise me.

  2. Just look at the colour of that sky. Gorgeous! xx

  3. What an honor to be invited to be on the board of the association for Asylum Lake! Your daughter is right - you are someone who actually visits Asylum Lake on a regular basis and uses it; you definitely have a different perspective and have valuable input about the place. You are every bit as important as those others with their work experiences and degrees.
    What a wonderful gift from your son!

  4. The organization saw something in you that they invited you to join. I have a degree too, but my life skills are far more valuable than what I learned on paper. You see thing other's don't - that is a gift.


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