Thursday, March 21, 2024

Day at Home

I stayed in today. No car. My friend had offered to pick me up to go for a walk, but it was supposed to be really cold. I think it was about 17f/-8C when we would have walked so I said no. Tomorrow it's supposed to snow. Sigh. I think Mother Nature has decided that we need a bit more of a dose of winter. Husband is home tomorrow. He's dropping off my car to have the windows done. Hopefully it won't take long. I should have the car back sometime. I think it might be a while before they get to the body work as there is a backup. As that will probably take a bit of time I shall get a rental car (mostly covered by my insurance).

As I spent the day inside I got some housework done and went about doing some sorting. I didn't do too bad on the books. I think I might have got another 20+ ready to donate. I have two pretty good size boxes ready to take to the library bookshop and a big bag for my friend. I'm really pleased with the book situation. 

I'm not so pleased with the craft room. I seem to just keep moving things around from one place to the next. I am really struggling with it. My new plan is to get a couple of clear plastic boxes and load them up to get stuff out of the way so I can then sort through things. I have managed to pull out a few things to donate, but I know there are more I want to get rid of. I need to at least get the table sorted so I can actually 'do' things. Am I just putting it off if I put things in boxes? I feel I need a clear space to look through things. 

Ack. Any help? 

On the plus side - I am doing quite well with the magazines. The piles are dwindling and I am finding it easier to get rid of them. I am also not bringing lots into the house which is a definite plus. 

81/366 - I think I've messed up the days somewhere lol. I shall have to check on my phone as I am keeping them in a folder!

Sunrise from the garden.


  1. That's a very pretty sunrise.
    Clearing the decks helps in reorganisation, otherwise you can't see the wood for the trees and it's all rather overwhelming. You sound as though you're making good progress, though.

    1. I think you're right. I got the plastic containers and put away some things. It does make it a bit easier to go through what's left out. Hopefully I can make progress in clearing out some stuff.

  2. That was nice of your friend to offer to pick you up to go for a walk, but, you probably made the right decision to stay home on such a cold day! It sounds like yo were very productive, though, sorting through your books, etc. I think it's a good idea to put some of the crafts supplies in storage boxes just to clear the space on the table. I have several of my crafting items in boxes and bags, myself.

    1. I'm glad I stayed in. I am getting quite a bit done though I'm ready to get out for a walk tomorrow. Husband said he will drop me off at the park and pick me up.


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