Monday, March 25, 2024

Sunday Adventure

We didn't go too far yesterday as we had to use husband's work minivan. We did what we call The Loop. Our house to South Haven, along the lakeshore to St. Joseph and back to our house again. We made a couple of stops along the way and I had a nice but chilly walk along the beach at St. Jospeh. There were a few people about, mostly fishermen and women all bundled up. 

It was nice to get outside and see a bit of sunshine. I do wish it would warm up a little bit! Husband did actually walk with me for a little bit but after a while he went back to 'warm up the van' while I had a little more of a wander about. I like it when the beaches are empty, and they aren't out smoothing out the sand each evening.  As always it amazes me how much the beach can change. A couple of years ago the lake was really high and eroding lots of areas, now it is low again and the beach has expanded. 

Pretty soon this whole beach will be packed with people. 

You might recognise this lighthouse from last week as Michigan City and St Joseph as they are very alike. I can't find information to see whether they were designed by the same people. The one in Michigan City doesn't have the little light at the back (the photo before this one). I find it really interesting. 

My Phone Photo Things That Make Me Happy 84/366

This is my favourite phone photo of the day. 

Look at that wonderful view! If I hadn't told you that it was fairly chilly yesterday you'd think it was a deserted beach somewhere really warm lol. 

Hope everyone is having a good start to the week!


  1. Empty beaches are blissful. I love your big, wide skies.

    1. They definitely are! The skies on Sunday were beautiful. I love those kind of days.

  2. Warm the car - lol, great excuse - I mean reason!
    What a beautiful deserted beach. xx

    1. Lol - that's what we joke about. I love beaches like that. They are so peaceful

  3. Sounds like a lovely Sunday adventure! Love beach!


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