Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Grrr.. Not a Good Day

I had a nice, but really cold and snowy walk this morning. 

I'll get the Phone Photo - Things That Make Me Smile out of the way first as nothing afterwards made me smile. 


It was really snowy, blowy and cold, but once in a while the clouds would part and the sun would come out. 

Sigh. From there it went downhill. 

I got back to my car in the car park to find a police business card tucked in my driver's side window. I looked at it and then noticed that the passenger side of my car had all three windows damaged. Apparently, someone - a vandal - had pulled into the car park and shot a BB gun at my car. 

The whole thing involved police, the insurance company and husband. At the end of it the damage just makes me feel a little sad. I have to have most of the windows replaced and also work done to repair damage the BB pellets caused. 

When husband went to the local offices of the insurance company, they - sadly - weren't a lot of help. Pretty brisk almost to the point of rude. It seemed as though they thought we should know how things work. Thankfully, when we got on to the phone of the claims department, they were a lot more helpful and friendly. I'm tempted to leave a review of the local office though - being British - I don't like to make complaints to companies. 

If I do make that complaint, I also want to write a compliment to the police officer who responded and had left the card in my window. BTW the card was left after a passerby reported the incident. The officer was really friendly and helpful and even brushed off the driver's seat that had some glass on it (that I hadn't seen). 

This is (probably) the only moan I'm going to make of it. I'm taking a deep breath and putting it behind me. The car was damaged, I wasn't there, and cars can be fixed. Although there isn't a camera in the car park right now there is one being installed. 

Onto the next day. 


  1. Some days are bad. Beyond our control. Sad to learn about the damage to the car. I wonder what prompted the shots.
    It's not always a pleasant experience dealing with insurance officials.
    It is always good to leave such experiences behind and move forward.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the damage to the car and the not so helpful people at the local insurance office. But, thank goodness you weren't in the car when it was shot at and the police officer was friendly, and hopefully, insurance will cover the damage. Will you be able to manage without the car while it is being repaired?

    1. Husband is taking it in tomorrow. Apparently the place where he is taking it is really backed up. The windows will be repaired first and we might have to wait for a spot to open up for the body work. We are able to get a rental car at a nominal cost. We think we're going to wait to get that for the body work as it might take the longest. It's an inconvenience being without. I suppose I shall have to rely on others to drive me around!

  3. Oh, my gosh. What a shocking thing to happen. It would totally throw me off balance too, it really would.
    I hope there are no more issues with the insurance company.
    (what is a BB gun , please?)

    1. I think I'm feeling more sad today. I've been walking there and parking there for years with no trouble. It makes me a little wary now though.
      A BB gun shoots little pellets like mini ball bearings. There are little dents in several places on my car as well as damaging the windows. Sad to say, it was considered a child's toy years ago. The police office say they can look quite real now. He was thinking one day the culprits might target the wrong car and meet someone with a real gun. :(

    2. Ah, thank you. Very nasty indeed. xx

  4. What an unpleasant surprise to ruin your morning. It leaves a sour taste, doesn't it?

    1. Today I'm just feeling sad. I like walking there, have parked there for years with no problem, but now it makes me feel a little wary.


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