Saturday, December 23, 2023

Christmas Eve Eve

It seems really strange to be away from home for Christmas. I'm not sure I like it. I actually miss the rushing around like crazy (I did do that last week lol), I miss seeing the presents under the tree and the anticipation of seeing even grown people open the gifts I picked out for them. I am thankful to be here with daughter. I am thankful to be able to see baby when she arrives. It's just all a little odd.

I actually slept in today. That's strange for me. Usually I'm up really early, down by Asylum Lake and taking a walk. I did manage to get in a little walk today. It was cloudy and grey, but mild for Minnesota in December. I have been wanting to go to the Wildlife Refuge shop for quite a while - years actually but I never get around to it. It's only open now on Thursdays and Saturdays until the end of the year and then it won't open until Spring. So today I went. I treated myself to a few things (I'll take photos another day). Then I went for a walk on the trails around the Learning Centre. 

Once back at daughter's, I've been playing around on the computer. Tomorrow, I have to make a plan, get some projects started and then daughter and I are going to be watching some Christmas films. Son-in-Law is going to his mother's house later in the afternoon. Daughter has opted not to go. She's getting rather tired right now. 

There's rain in the forecast for a few days. Usually it would be snow, but it's too mild. No chance of a white Christmas I don't think. This time last year we ended up with an ice storm that caused daughter not to come for Christmas. Sigh. 

I thought I'd share a little video of our small tree that I took before I left Michigan. We've pared down the ornaments and have only put on a few, treasured ones. Mother-in-Law made most of these. She's so talented!


  1. I can't access the video clip right now but wishing you a wonderful time with your family. xx

  2. I love those little knitted sweater ornaments!
    Happy Christmas to you and your family, Sharon. :)


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