Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Not sure this post has a title. I don't want it to be gloomy all the time lol. 

It was another grey, rainy/snowy day here in my part of Michigan. As much as I sort-of like living here the grey days we get at this time of year really start to get me down. We haven't seen sunshine in days. There isn't any forecast for days. I can live with the cold, the rain, even the snow, but not having any sunshine really seems to affect my mood. 

I did go out for a walk despite the rain/snow mix. I got cold and wet. I didn't stay long. I did a very quick loop around the park. I didn't see many people (though there were two other cars in the car park where I parked). I did see a deer. A handsome fella. 

He looked at me like I was an idiot being out in the weather and went back to trying to find some food buried under the leaves. 

After the walk, I did my grocery shop. I've tried to start stocking up on a few quick things husband and son can cook after work when I'm gone, at least for the first week lol. 

When I got back home, I seemed to do more moving things around than I did sorting anything. It's really frustrating but I don't want to get started on something I can't finish. I am hoping that this week I can get the presents all done and next week I can concentrate on tidying things up, putting a few things away and leaving things in some sort of sorted state before I leave. I also need to start sorting out things I'm going to take. 

I am probably over-thinking things, but I know I am getting a little anxious as I am clenching my teeth while I'm sleeping and having weird dreams. I know everything will work out, it's just my anxiety rearing its ugly head. 

Tomorrow is another walk. A dry one at least. Probably cloudy. Sigh. I have to go to the post office, stop at a shop to pick up some stocking goodies, come home and do the Wednesday jobs. 

I'm hoping to take a few phone photos out and about to make a more festive post lol 

Hope everyone is having a good week. I really appreciate the comments!


  1. Being a fellow Michigander, I am sooo tired of the gloom too. I have been forcing myself to go out, because it is so tempting to stay in. Just an hour or so, running errands and trying to get some Christmas shopping done. Nothing is wrapped yet. I am not decorating this year because Poppy cat just turned 2 and is very much a threat to anything remotely looking festive. I may never put up a tree again, as I need help doing it now and family is all too busy or too far away. Getting old is not for sissies.

    1. I too force myself to go out. It's depressing when there is little/no sun. I'm hoping that, although Minnesota will be colder, they at least get sunshine!

      Cats and trees don't always mix! We were pretty lucky with our cat. He never seemed to have time for the tree when we put it up.

  2. Hugs

    Most people wouldn't spot the deer. You have such a good 'eye' and way of looking at the world. Sending all good vibes as you get ready.

    1. Ah thanks. I almost walked past him, my head down, trying to keep the wet snow out of my eyes. I was cold and wet and had just about had enough. Seeing him made the walk worth it!

  3. That stag is so handsome. Planning to go away is hard work, I think, especially if you are trying to make sure that those left behind will manage to eat!

    1. He was lovely. I think I've seen him before. He has that bow tie mark around his neck.
      I'm at least trying to get them started with the food. Husband rarely looks in the freezer when I'm gone, though I keep reminding him of it so this time hopefully he'll at least look!

  4. That stag is magnificent! Grey, gloomy days can really get one down. Add cold on top of that and I wouldn't be happy at all!


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