Friday, December 1, 2023

December 1st

Wow. It's coming to the end of the year. Sigh. Ups and downs. But that's a topic for another post. 

Today was...blah. It rained all day long. No walk. No bird watching. On the plus side I did get quite a bit done. It still seems as though I still have so much to get done before I leave for daughter's in two weeks. I have started a bag of craft and other things I want to take with me to keep busy. I'm also planning on getting a lot of photography projects done. I have lots of photos taken, it's a matter of organising them and such. 

On the Christmas front I'm way ahead of what I usually am at this time. Hand up. I'm a procrastinator and usually always leave things until the last minute. I actually have some wrapping done. Shock. Gasp. On my weekly chat with my sister, even she couldn't believe it! I have some of my shopping wrapped up. Not all of it, but a good chunk. The beginning of next week I plan on getting more wrapping done and to (another gasp) make a list of what I have left to get. That last week before Christmas, when I'm at daughter's, will probably be the most stress-free, relaxing Christmas I've had since I had children lol. 

How is your prep coming? Are you a procrastinator? Do you do a lot for the holidays? 

I suppose because we never had a lot of money - either growing up or when we were raising our own children - that Christmas was the one time we could have extras. I still do it that way. 

Photo for the day - well, I actually didn't take one today! I did take this holiday decoration the other day at the shops. I really liked it, was interested and thought maybe I would put something out in the garden. UNTIL I saw the cost of it! 99.99!!! Even with 20% off it's too much. I thought it would be about $20 lol!

What would you expect to pay for something like this? 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get out for a walk. The weather doesn't look great. Sigh. No sunshine. Maybe more rain. Rain or snow on Sunday. Grr... I hate Michigan when it's grey all the time in the winter. 

I'm going to do a bit of sorting and then I'm going to work on getting some things together to do while at daughter's house. I have some cross stitch projects I want to put together. 

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I don't know the UK equivalent but I think that sort of thing is shocking overpriced, especially considering it sees the inside of a box for 11/12 of each year.
    Well done for being ahead with your gifts. I wish I were. :-)

    1. It's about 77 pounds. Yikes! I can't believe they were charging that much. I would have paid about $20 for it - cheap me! This is the first year I'm ahead!

  2. Look at you all organized, with gifts wrapped and everything! Well done! I am a procrastinator! But, I have a list of people to give gifts to and I have made the jams and chutneys I plan to give; it's a matter of deciding on and ordering a few gifts for the younger generation and it should not be too difficult. I hope you have a lovely, relaxed holiday at your daughter's. :)

    1. Oh nice! It sounds as though you know what you have and what you have left to get. Unfortunately, I procrastinated so much I have no hand made gifts to give this year! I don't honestly know where the time has gone.

  3. Procrastination is my middle name or, as I prefer to think, I work to a deadline!
    The ornament is very expensive for a seasonal item.

    1. Ha ha, mine too! It's really expensive. I would never pay that much for something like that.


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