Thursday, January 26, 2023

It snowed again last night and most of the day today. They seem to have caught up on the roads though, so I did at least go out for a walk. It was snowy and the trees were covered with white. It's just below freezing, and the snow is thick, wet and fluffy. This lot we are getting now is Lake Effect Snow. I think that's when cold air passes over warm water and causes snow. We get it as we are just close enough to Lake Michigan. I'm hoping to be able to make it out for a walk tomorrow, but I'll just see how it is in the morning. We'll be going out somewhere at the weekend so if I have to stay inside I will. I suppose this is when meal planning pays off as I have everything I need for the meals for the next couple of days. Well, in reality I have a few extras on hand if I don't want to go out but this makes things easier. 

The roads were mostly clear when I came home. I made it just before another round of snow fell and covered the hill outside. I thought I heard one or two cars struggling to get up the hill but then the trucks came through and cleared it off - at least for a while. Husband cleared the driveway and pavements when he got home so it should be easier to get out of the driveway in the morning if I do go out. 

A couple of phone photos from my walk today. I didn't take too many. 

Thursday is a housework-y sort of day and I got all the usual things done. Wasn't sure I would as I got a little distracted by a Cooper's Hawk that landed in the tree when I popped outside to fill the birdfeeders. Obviously, the birds weren't around for a time while he was visiting! I think it might be the same one from the other day. Hopefully, I'll get photos sorted and add a couple to a future post. 


  1. Brrr - those photos make me feel chilly! Beautifully bleak. xx

  2. Ooh, that looks so pretty, but, I bet it was cold!

  3. That looks cold. It's beautiful though ... lovely photos xx


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