Saturday, January 28, 2023


No sunshine today. There was almost a tiny bit, but only a glimpse and then it was gone. A bit of snow. We did go out for a drive about. I didn't take many photos. I have a couple of phone ones I'll share further down. We did get to see five eagles today so that was nice. They didn't stay put long enough and were quite far away, that I didn't get photos, but lovely to see nonetheless. While we were out and about we stopped at Yoder's store, an Amish bakery and goods store to pick up some bread and a pie as a treat. We don't do it often, but their baked goods are so tasty! While we were driving back down the snowy country roads we did see an Amish cart and buggy in front of us. Quite nice to see. 

Most of the afternoon was spent lazily. I did a bit of sorting that I've been putting off in-between watching some television, reading and fiddling with photos. Nothing too exciting. We have no great plans for tomorrow. It's a sort of see-what-happens day. I had big plans of where I wanted us to go for our Sunday Adventure. Unfortunately, the area we were going to is under a Winter Storm Warning so we'll see in the morning how much snow fell and whether we'll go there or not. We shall go out somewhere. 

A phone photo from today. 

This is where we saw some of the eagles. There were three perched on the last tree, one adult and two juveniles. They have a nest pretty close to here. 

I mentioned the Cooper's Hawk on a previous post. Here's a couple of the photos. Even though it's a predator it is a really beautiful bird. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


  1. Ooh, look at that hawk all puffed up to keep warm! Lovely photos, Sharon. :)

  2. Do you have an Amish community close to you? I know about them of course, but not an awful lot. xx

  3. It is a beautiful bird, lovely markings. I love his expression in the first photo. xx


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